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It's experience-driven expertise with an unmatched portfolio in the B2B world; it's forging tight connections between brand and business, business and brand; it's investiture of brand ownership with employees; it's a strategic methodology designed to enhance business performance and deliver measurable business outcomes.
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Positioning Childrens's National
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IBM: 100+ Years of Maintaining an Enduring Brand

Branding Business Radio

In this episode of Branding Business, RiechesBaird CEO Ryan Rieches sits down with Michele Grieshaber, Vice President of Demand Programs for IBM North America to discuss how IBM has maintained such a strong brand......

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Sign Language: What a Logo "Lift" Says About Your Company, Its Goals

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Evolution or revolution? When a company decides to redo its logo as part of a brand strategy overhaul it must decide how much a brand mark can change. This is an important decision: A logo is a visual reflection of a company's strategic brand....

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The Face of the B2B Brand: 5 Reasons Employees Are Important to Brand Research

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Employees are perhaps the most important instrument in a marketer's toolbox. For one, they control a large part of the customer experience as the face of the brand they represent. But they are also its eyes and ears. This is why the best B2B....

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